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EUREKA! Saddlematic
Motorized saddle rack raises, lowers, and swings in and out of your trailer to make loading easy!
"Handle your saddle without a battle."

$1,900 plus Shipping & Handling*
* Shipping and handling costs range from $250 to $500 depending on location and current shipping rates

Want more info? Call 303-775-8852 or Email us:


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The Saddlematic™ is a motorized saddle rack that SWINGS IN AND OUT of your trailer door and RAISES & LOWERS so that your saddles are easily accessible for trouble-free removal — while you remain standing on the ground OUTSIDE the trailer.

"After tripping, lifting, and wrestling saddles in and out of my horse trailer before and after events, my shoulders, knees, and elbows were taking a beating. I began observing other horse trailers with expensive saddles tossed on trailer floors because of the difficulty others had lifting saddles on and off their stationary racks and in and out of small tack room doors. I was determined to find a solution. I wanted my saddles to come to me and eliminate my struggle with them. My idea began to take shape, resulting in my creation of the EUREKA! Saddlematic™"

Jim Flynn - Team Roper and Inventor of the Saddlematic™

How the Saddlematic works:

Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Un-pin. Swing the rack outside the trailer. Lower the rack with the switch.

  2. Your saddles are now at a height that is easy to reach for removing or loading saddles. Flip the switch to raise the rack.

  3. Swing the rack into the tack room. Relock the pins for travel.


It’s that easy!

The Saddlematic:

About Us.

Eureka Speciality Products LLC is a family-owned operation established in 2001 and owned by career welder, Jim Flynn and his wife, Khileen.

"We have worked hard to improve and perfect our product as well as our methods of manufacturing to offer superior quality at an affordable price.

Therefore, our mission is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers by providing the highest quality motorized saddle racks in the industry with personal and efficient service.

Jim was a welding instructor for 20 years at a vocational high school and also owned and operated a fabrication shop. In 1999, retiring from the school district, Jim built his facility and started a high-tech shop that features mig and tig welding on stainless and aluminum for the computer and flow meter industries.

Khileen is the office administrator for both the welding company and Eureka Specialty Products.

Khileen has a secretarial and paralegal background from which she retired to help with the administration of the family companies.

The Flynns are the proud parents of five grown children and sevek grandchildren (3 girls and 4 boys -- ranging in age from four to eleven.)

They have their own outdoor arena for Jim to practice his team roping skills as well as entertain their children and grandchildren as they enjoy learning and honing their horsemanship skills.

Along with their five children, The Flynns were deeply involved in 4-H, Jim serving as barn superintendent for 30 years as well as Chairman of the Sale Committee and Fair Board President. Khileen began a 4-H Club for which she was a leader for 21 years, as well as serving as Assistant Superintendent of the Hog Barn and Sale Committee secretary. All five children and many of the grandchildren raised and showed hogs, goats, and cattle throughout their 4-H and FFA years. Jim and Khileen recently sold their 50 registered mother cows after years of showing and calving their cattle near their Platteville, Colorado home.

Besides Jim's team roping and Khileen's photo-journaling art and design projects, Jim and Khileen enjoy trail riding in the Rocky Mountains, camping, fishing, travel, and time with family and friends.

While attending a team roping event in 2003, Jim tripped INTO his trailer tack room while trying to step into the door to place his saddle on the stationary rack. Two nights later he tripped OUT of the tack room while carrying his sadle and thought "there HAS to be a better way!" He began building a prototype of a saddle rack that would swing OUTSIDE the tack room and lower the saddles.

Jim is now on his fourth revision of that first prototype and feels he has perfected the best and highest quality motorized saddle rack that is available on the market today. The Eureka! Saddlematic was the very first motorized saddle rack to be presented to the public.

The EUREKA! Saddlematic(TM) is a patent pending invention that is marketed by the family company, Eureka Specialty Products, LLC.

Have questions? We'd love to chat with you. Call Jim at 303-775-8852 or Email us:

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